Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Idyllic Idealism Of An Idle Mind

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Indian Independence, a few thoughts and observations (all my own work) ...

Like the papers said we're sexy at sixty (by the way - the media also said that about Big B some time back), but chose to ignore the smut around the sexiness. And this is not about censorship of so-called vulgar content on cable TV (ref. my post dealing with the time they shut down most English movie channels). Then what's it about did you say? Go figure! There's way too much to be said about this and if you're not with me already then there's no point in my going into it here and now.

Like we're forever talking about our potential as a global superpower but doing precious little to become one. I guess it's a nice thing to have as a dream but hey - reality's better, for a lot of us. There are abundant opportunities in today's India, for a lot of us to get rich and powerful quickly. But once such people get there, they do nothing other than continue to enhance their own wealth and power. Those who have a vision but not the means don't count (they're not Page 3 gliteratti), and those who can actually make a difference are doing sweet F.A.

Like I can't get over the fact that there's a gutter that overflows every monsoon outside my house and I am told there isn't much that can be done about it. Considering that I live in an upscale part of a tony suburb, I find that hard to digest. Guess I'll have to drop all my other pressing affairs and devote my attention to this and that will be the only way it will get fixed. If ever.

Like how I started out wanting to put back more than I got, to the land that gave me and to its people. I argued several years ago that if good people left this land in favor of a better life, then life in this land will never get better. I stayed back because I wanted to change our world. Still do. But today I'll consider myself lucky if I can get that wretched gutter fixed.

Like how I'd love to participate in a good strong movement with a robust foundation backed by people with vision, resources and integrity to clean up our act and hit the path to progress. If I find one.

And like how much I miss Busybee and his gentle way of making poignant points. Mr. Contractor I salute you and I hope you will excuse the liberties I have taken in imitating your style here though I know I've not got the tone right. And I salute all my other great compatriots - past, present and future, who've dedicated their lives trying to make a difference. I just wish there were more of you and less of the parasites who live off the fruit of your labour.

Vande Mataram!


Gaurav Agarwal said...

"Like how I'd love to participate in a good strong movement with a robust foundation backed by people with vision, resources and integrity to clean up our act and hit the path to progress. If I find one"

Why don't you start one?

Most people believe that by staying back they can do something for the country. But most of these people spend time in conference rooms, offices and discuss how they can make a difference (esp since I have seen the world of microfinance, I have been to umpteen number of conferences where poverty alleviation is a HOT topic). I guess the only way to do it is to start doing it..!

HyperActiveX said...

Gaurav - thanks for your comment. There are many aspects to this issue and I will try and be brief here.

For one, I take your point about 'doing' vs. 'talking' or 'thinking'. I believe I have made some significant contributions earlier on in my career (some of it did involve spending time in conference rooms!) in terms of improving the robustness and overall quality of the capital markets in India. But that's not enough for me.

I want to do far more than that (in terms of getting down to root-cause issues and delivering high-impact solutions) and that's what I'm looking for now. I am currently in the 'problem definition' mode - I don't want to throw all my energy and resources at something that barely scratches the surface. Also, I don't know enough about the so-called 'social' sector to start something on my own. Besides if each of us starts something on our own, we will have a situation characteristic of our national sports teams - all captains, no players!

Lastly, I want to clarify that I'm not a philanthropist. I may want to do all this good work for my brethren, but will not compromise on my financial goals or my own personal lifestyle or the quality of life for the people I am responsible for. So this is an important factor too. I believe it is possible to lead a profitable existence and still make a difference.

Rama Mohan said...

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Priyanka said...

We were a beautiful country
Now we are trying to become Sexy.
Hope the beauty gets back into focus.

HyperActiveX said...

Very aptly put, Priyanka. Of course, nothing stops us from being sexy AND beautiful AND healthy (fit), but I take your point ... essentially that we should not try to be sexy at the cost of being beautiful or healthy!

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