Monday, October 30, 2006

Bloggers' Block

Just realised that the month of October is at its end and that I haven't written in a while. Not for want of things to say - in fact, quite the contrary. There was so much last month that I wanted to write about, and on such diverse topics (in fact have been thinking of starting another blog where I could post "other" stuff). But nothing came out of any of this.

There was this bit about how it took an Artist, a Manager and an Entrepreneur to make any venture successful. A business-related theme, essentially, dealing with what I believe are the 3 key dimensions of people who populate an organisation - core skill, organisation and administration capabilities, and the spirit of enterprise.

Then there was something about Freedom and Responsibility and the need to balance the two, some thoughts on Faith, Doubt and Reason and how they could co-exist (and indeed, why it was important that they did) - a lot of these arising out of recent controversies at a global as well as local level (but not dealing directly with them). Such as the one about the veil.

Also ... wanted to go back to my entry on the 4 Ps and add two more - Passion and Pace. These were left out because I was thinking of only 4 of them, to match E. Jerome McCarthy's seminal contribution to management studies in the area of marketing. If you're curious to know where I rank these two, this may sound like a teaser but you'll have to wait for my post on this subject (which this one is not).

In short - October was full of topics, topics everywhere and not a word blogged. Hopefully, November will be better.